Crochet Zen

Well, it certainly has been a long time since my last update, hasn't it!

A few new things since then: I've added new items to my shop and I've taken up crochet!

Yes! My grandmother would be proud! She had originally taught me to knit, when I was little, but I never really stuck to it. More recently, I found out that to knit properly, I'd at least have to learn how to purl. That didn't work out so well. I just couldn't get the hang of it. So, still wanting to play with yarn, I decided to try something else. Crochet! If I couldn't make knots into fabric with two sticks, I might be able to do it with one! And I was right! Or rather, I took the time to learn properly. With a kid's kit. The best way to learn! Klutz's Learn to Crochet in Six Great Projects really did the trick for me. The instructions and illustrations are very, very clear. With a bit of practice, I just couldn't go wrong. Yay!

I'm now making everyone crocheted gifts for Christmas! Finding affordable, quality, natural fiber yarns has also been an education in itself. Luckily, I have the good people at Ravelry to thank. Their user yarn ratings, among other features, are very useful.

So far, I'm pretty happy with my work. Really, I think I may have a knack for this. And I'm finding the whole thing immensely enjoyable and zen.

On the jewellery front, I've slowly been adding new pieces to the shop:

Moreover, and this is the main reason for this post I admit, I've decided to offer Canadian currency at par to all Canadian buyers. As many of you know, Etsy operates exclusively on an $US basis. A few months ago, that was fabulous for us Canadians! But now, not so much. So until January 31, 2009, $CND = $US at Miel Designs. Good, eh?

I still have a few more items to add and am always happy to take up a custom project. Send me a note and we'll talk!

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